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Product : Aluminium Extrusion Press Line

To offer complete new plant , revamping, upgrading, and optimizing Aluminum extrusion press line and plants IBA has collaborated with Spanish  firm – Kautec  .  

In IBA , Team of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Designers and Marketing professionals working together in a joint collaboration to provide wide range of solutions. That enables customers to achieve European quality at conservative Asian cost.  

IBA offers Complete extrusion Line ( Direct and Indirect )  , Quenching System Handling tables , Furnaces and other equipment . Customers can also take the benefit of Special Anuual maintaince package for their existing or new extrusion Lines .

The highly experienced and trained engineers of IBA offer services 24 X 7 directly from Europe and India. 

Product : HSS Scrap / Tunsten Carbide Scrap / Cutting tools

Procurement of HSS Scrap for recycling . Also New products such as end mills, Drills cutters etc, made on orders.

High Speed Steel has high working hardness and abrasion resistance , contains different alloying elements like  carbon , Tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and chromium .

Main Application : drills , milling tools , drag bits , threaders and cutting inserts .

Following different type of grades of HSS Scrap  can be sourced / supplied through IBA :

Grades : M1 , M2 , M35 , M 42


Product : Tungsten Carbide Scrap

Procurement of Tungsten carbide for recycling . Also New products such as end mills, Drills cutters etc, made on orders.

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound containing the elements tungsten and carbon.  Tungsten carbide scrap has a wide range of useful properties

Tungsten carbide scrap has extreme hardness include high resistance to corrosion, high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, a high modulus of elasticity, and a high resistance to thermal creep.

Grades : YG6 , YG6X , YG15

Product : Power and Hand tools and Measuring Equipments

IBA has established strong network of manufacturers in China , Taiwan , Korea , Vietnam  for this range of products . to meet market need IBA offers comprehensive array of Cordless Tools, Drills, Measuring tape , Drilling machines ,  Hammers, , metalworking machines, , Chain Saws , Outdoor and indoor Power Equipment , Marbel Cutting tools etc .