About Us

IBA-International Business Alliance, India. We are into Global Sourcing Services, ( import Export services )!based at South Delhi. IBA also has its own office in Wenling (Near Shanghai) CHINA , Duisburg, Germany and now in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam also. It is run by India staff for your convenience for language and your travel plans . In coordination with IBA's Delhi office the China/Vietnam/ Germany office will help you for all your procurement needs.

These offices offer you assistance in below mentioned aspects:

  • Serching best suppliers for you.
  • Procurement of products
  • Assisting you in your visit for purchases.
  • Arranging safe export from origin.
  • Associate firm’s Bank account for safety of your money and financial matters like deposit , advance, partial payment , refunds adjustment of payments etc .
  • Import in India
  • All custom services.
  • Verification of suppliers.
  • Quality control and check.
  • Door Delivery of your shipment.
  • Physical presence of IBA staff at supplier / product end.

Arranging your travel to meet genuine suppliers , product sampling purchase and factory / shop visits etc . Our presence in Delhi for quick and clear communication.

Although websites are full of liaison service firms but at the same time many people still don’t start with them for the fear of cheating and safety of money . Many of us always look for a "reference". And this is exactly what IBA is offering. It invites you to contact our Delhi office , and initiates your query locally. And Soon after you are connected with IBA China or Germany office and your markets through Phone, whatsapp, skype. Then See, talk, Negotiate, Buy and Import. All through one single contact of IBA.