IBA - Marketing services, provides you the real Indian advantage by assisting and developing India entry strategy. IBA will answer all your questions related to the business Potential in India / Asia.

India : Vibrant Economies , Varied Cultures , Vast Potential

Entry in India Market

Information Collection Stage

IBA market research services help foreign manufacturers to take their business to next level. Our services are designed to give you an insight about India market with respect your products. Methodology comprises of field work that includes visits and discussion with prospective buyers, visits to exhibition and feedback from market related to client’s product. In general, the whole process takes around 12-15 weeks. The outcome of research is presented and shared with client, to make wiser decisions and next course of action.

Building Brand Image and Sales Territory

Foot Print in New Market

Sharing company portfolio and spreading awareness about your products / services details is prerequisite for all companies before establishing base in India. IBA help you to promote your product and reach maximum number of target customer in India. For an agreed period, IBA represent the foreign manufacturer during Exhibitions and IBA’s sales team will be interacting and meeting target buyers with product details, in order to generate sales. Enquires received during development of sales territory will be shared with client on continues basis and solution will be submitted. During the stage of building brand Image and sales territory, we recommend training of selected sale person of IBA at Manufacturers facilities, so as to equipped IBA with information to answer all customer queries. The whole process takes around 5-6 months.

IBA office as your India Office

Your Local Address in India

Country Manager will operate from IBA office and full administrative, accounts support will be provided to him / her. He / She will be working under the guidance of Senior Managers of IBA and directives from manufacturer. IBA will provide all kind of support to country Manager to ensure setup and growth of client’s Business. Quarterly / Half yearly reports will discussed with Client, to review the business situation, products demand, policy, pricing and scope for further improvement.

India / Country Manager

Your Company Face in India

Country Manager will be Local face having requisite qualifications, work experience and Knowledge of India territory. He / She will dedicatedly work for marketing and generating sales under the guidance of Senior Manager of IBA for a minimum period of One year. IBA will enter in to a contract of one year with client on fixed charges basis.

Job and responsibility of India Manager towards Client:

  • Arranging Plant Setup.
  • Discussion with Concerned Government authorities.
  • Discussion with Concerned Government authorities.
  • Arranging Land/Fuel/Manpower.
  • Skilled/Non Skilled manpower
  • Identifying Correct Partner.
  • Finding Suppliers for Plant Machineries.
  • Raw Material for the Production.
  • Team of Engineers/Designers(Mechanical/Electrical)

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