IBA offers a broad array of Sourcing Services to help Manufacturing and Trading organizations in sourcing mechanical, electrical, tools, Fabrics and measuring instruments and many more products from Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Germany U.K, Europe and South East Asia markets.

Material Sourcing from emerging markets offers a saving opportunity , however gaining access to right product at right price is challenging. We understand the challenges involves and will guide you step.

Establishing Product Source

IBA offer a tailor made services for sourcing services. Based on the drawings, samples and specification of products provided by client, we analyze and study the best place to source the product. We carry out an extensive search operation to find out suppliers who can fulfill our client’s need.

Locating Right Supplier

A list of shortlisted suppliers is further evaluated on the basis of company financial position, geographical location, port connections, etc. Technical and commercial aspects of Business is discussed with few eligible suppliers and their concerns is reported to client, in order to find a mid way solution matching clients need.

Quality Control and Physical Inspection

Major activities we carry out to ensure the quality of product is procurement of samples, quality check with third party, visit to supplier facilities for inspections and to physically check all documents.

Negotiating Terms

Through strong communication and management, IBA ensure and guarantee delivery of right quality at right prices.

Product Delivery

IBA streamlines the process of arranging shipment to client door, along with all essential documents and certifications. This Flexible Model is designed to deliver low cost Solution to Buyer, maintain transparency on Material and Logistic Cost, typically help companies to reduce total cost by 10-35%.

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